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Bitcoin (BTCUSD) - Price Topping, 425 is Support

Bitcoin has been rallying consistently in the past month or so. The 4H chart shows the virtual currency climb from around 310 to about 467. 

BTCUSD 4H Chart 12/21

(click to enlarge)

However, as price stalls at 425, it looks like BTCUSD is about to drop from a price top.
1) First of all, there was an ascending triangle, and price broke below this triangle - first sign of a price top. 
2) The 4H RSI has fallen below 40 and tagged 30, showing loss of the prevailing bullish momentum, and possibly the initiation of new bearish momentum.
3) Relative to the 200-, 100-, and 50-period simple moving averages (SMAs) in the 4H chart, BTCUSD is now below the 50-period, but still above the 200-, and 100-period SMAs. 
4) Price is also holding above a rising trendline. 

A we can see from the technical conditions in the 4H chart, the market is no longer clearly bullish, but the bearish outlook has not developed. 

425 - A break below 425 would likely bring price below the 100-period SMA and the rising trendline. This would be another sign that bears are taking over at least in the short-term. Then the 400-handle becomes the next target/support. Meanwhile, if there is a rally, there is common resistance in the 440-445 area and if price holds under this, the bearish outlook would still be in play.