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Yesterday we have had a very interesting and opportunistic day trading ES  (S&P500) and Gold Futures . Let's have a look where those locations for excellent risk/reward trading  were present  in the markets .
Starting with big picture perspective , equities index is consolidating near its high levels established since early March in the 1880/1835 range and  the brief dip below 1835 support on the 11th April has created a "cycle"  from which we can take measurement and project a levels of interest . 

In the picture above , I have highlighted circle in  an area where those good risk/reward opportunities "are hidden" from traders without understanding of this unique methodology of trading .(Please contact mprincipato@smbcap.com for  comprehensive  details on how to identify and verify trades the way professional traders do . ) 

As we are zooming in on smaller time frame  and in area of interest , we are looking for specific volume analysis and candle verification for entry into trade .  
In red circles in the picture ,  we have two trading opportunities . One Short and one Long . Both trades have supporting structure for initiation as those intraday trades  are within broader time frame structures .  
Two nice trades ??? Is it possible to catch it ???  
Definitely YES . But you need the right tools and preparation .

And unconventional pattern recognition skills from SMBU Forex and Futures .