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Writing and Printing Paper Machine Making Line

Writing and Printing Paper Machine Making Line

Supply Ability: 100 Set/Sets per Year

Production capacity: 25-380t/d

Port: Qingdao, Tianjin, Shanghai or others

Features: higher capacity, lower energy consumption, easier operation

Product Description:

1. Trimmed width:787,1092,1575,1760,1880,2184,2400,2640,2880,3200,3400,3800,4200,4400

2. Raw material: Virgin pulp, recycled paper, de-inked pulp.

Process Flow Diagram:

Raw materials (waste paper)——pulper——vibrating sieve——pulp tank——pulp pump——bleach machine(thruster)——refiner machine——pulp tank——pulp pump——pressure sieve——pulp tank—— pulp pump——except sand machine——net box——cylinder——blanket——paper making machine——drying——roll paper——the big finished jumbo paper —— process machine

1. toilet paper machine (rewinder machine——cutting paper machine——small roll paper)

2. napkin paper machine(plate paper slitting machine —— napkin paper machine —— napkin paper

3. facial tissue paper (plate paper slitting machine —— facial tissue paper machine —— facial tissue paper

Structure of Paper Machine:

1. cylinder mould section:φ1000mm×1450mm stainless steel cylinder mould 1set, φ300mm×1450mm couch roll 1set, coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness 38°C±2.

2. dryer section: φ 1500mm×1450mm alloy dryer can 1 set, 1group scraper knife. φ350mm×1450mm touch roll 1set, coated by rubber, rubber shore hardness 90°C±2. Mechanical loading device

Main Technical Parameter :

Machine Model 1092 1575 1760 2200 2500 2800
Width (mm) 1350 1750 1900 2150 2450 2750
Finished Products Diameter Φ 60~150mm (Tightness can be adjustable)
Finished Products Inner Diameter Φ32~50 mm
Jumbo roll diameter (mm) Φ 1200 (Other sizes can be ordered)
Jumbo Roll Inner Diameter 3”,76.2 mm (other sizes can be ordered)
Perforation distance (mm) 4 blade,90~160mm;2 blade,180~320mm;
Production speed 160-180 m/min
Parameter set Touching-screener Multi-menu Man-machine Interface Operation System
Programmable controller Mitsubishi PLC program
Mechanical driving Driven by stepless speed-regulator to guarantee the precise length of final products.
Embossment unit Single embossment, Double embossment, Steel to steel embossment;
Embossment down roller Felt roller, paper roller, rubber roller
Jumbo roll stand 1-3 plies (ply quantity can be ordered)
Air pneumatic system 3 Pa (air-compressor), the minimum pressure 5kg/cm2 pa (customers should be prepared by themselves)
Power 5.5-15KW (Frequency speed-regulate )
Overall size (m)(L×W×H) 7 X (2.3-4) X 1.8
Weight of equipment 4000~8000kg (approximately)
Chosen items (Should be ordered separately)
Embossment Single embossment, double embossment, steel to steel embossment
Embossment down roller Felt roller, paper roller, rubber roller
Jumbo roll stand 1-3 plies
Jumbo roll stand driving Driven by variator
Rewinding unit Non-core unit
Printing unit Single color heliotype printing unit
Side rolling embossment Steel to steel
Perforation mode Air pneumatic separating unit
Smooth embossment Steel to steel, Steel to rubber ;
Remote telecom service system Should be ordered separately.

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