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Comtech Telecommunications Corp. Just Filed Its Quarterly Report: Earnings Per ShareOu...

Our basic earnings per share (“EPS”) is computed based on the weighted average number of common shares (including vested but unissued stock units, share units, performance shares and restricted stock units ("RSUs")), outstanding during each respective period. Our diluted EPS reflects the dilution from potential common stock issuable pursuant to the exercise of equity-classified stock-based awards, if dilutive, outstanding during each respective period. Pursuant to FASB ASC 260, "Earnings Per Share," equity-classified stock-based awards that are subject to performance conditions are not considered in our diluted EPS calculations until the respective performance conditions have been satisfied. When calculating our diluted earnings per share, we consider (i) the amount an employee must pay upon assumed exercise of stock-based awards; (ii) the amount of stock-based compensation cost attributed to future services and not yet recognized; and (iii) the amount of excess tax...