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Faith in Faith,

Heights and Depths

Wherever strong love may be,

Found in mother-love especially,

There are no plains of outstretching grass

Only high hills and valleys to pass.


Along the road of strong love and hope,

From bed-rock streams to dizzying slopes,

There arises, scarred from hand-to-hand,

A Man, whom travelers must and can

Entreat upon for understanding

For He knows every lake and landing.


This road, once only a path worn down

By the steps of the Man, stately crowned

Was, by Grace, paved to show the Way

For all who would follow Him each day.

He, who wearied yet rejoicing, placed

God above, despite all trials faced.

The pure Son of Man upon the tree

Showed how beautiful strong love can be.


Journeying this road of heights and depths

Are seen the courageous, finding rest-

Far from society’s soft, safe love:

Love that never scales the heights above

To see the sun rise and go to sleep.

Flimsy forms of feeling can’t sink deep

Or endure the darkness without rest,

Where the soul of man becomes its best.


Drop down a little farther, soldier.

Where the fire’s hotter, you’ll grow bolder.

Soon refined and tested into gold,

You’ll discover what Greatness has to hold.

By: Faith Elise Coyne

First copy: 11/4/13

Revised on: 11/27/13


Jesus Christ’s Bible

  • Sheldon Vanuaken’s Severe Mercy

  • John Bunyan’s Pilgrim’s Progress

  • C. S. Lewis’s Mere Christianity