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Arena's Belviq Keeps Up Momentum During A Flat Week

New prescription numbers have been released by IMS for Belviq (see Table 1), the anti-obesity agent from Arena Pharmaceuticals (ARNA). The 3.5% week-to-week improvement is a positive during a flat week in the sector, and may be partly attributed to Belviq's new pricing by Arena's marketing partner Eisai (ESALY), which took effect two weeks ago. The weekly change is analogous to the previous year's gain of 3.4%. Furthermore, the gain from the week before Thanksgiving was 2.8% (12,249 vs. 11,919), compared to the same period last year, which was behind by -1.3% (5,190 vs. 5,286) when Belviq was still in mid-launch mode and at a time when Eisai had more sales representatives dedicated to Belviq.

Belviq's competitors fared worse. Qsymia, the more established product from Vivus (VVUS), posted a -3.5% decrease. This is remarkable not just because of a -2.6% decline from the same period last year, but also because… Read More …