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Momenta Pharmaceuticals Is A Low-Risk, High-Reward Long-Term Gamble

Momenta Pharmaceuticals (MNTA) develops generic versions of complex drugs, biosimilar and potentially interchangeable biologics, as well as novel therapeutics for oncology and autoimmune indications. Complex molecular mixtures, such as Lovenox by Sanofi-Aventis (SNY) and Copaxone from Teva (TEVA), are difficult to analyze and likewise challenging to reproduce as generics. Some biologics are more complex mixtures, and have to be produced in living cells, therefore often requiring cutting-edge manufacturing processes. Then there are well-established products like heparin that have been found to have benefits that go beyond their well-known uses, but can cause severe adverse effects that have stopped other companies from exploring new potential applications. Momenta is one company that has the expertise to overcome these clinical hurdles.

Momenta has a market cap of $567.64 million and will report financial results before the opening bell on February 17, 2015. Much of the focus will likely be on ways to reverse… Read More …