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Groupon to Launch New Book Offers

Groupon (NASDAQ: GRPN) will be adding a new discounted book offer to its users in the United Kingdom, according to Publishers Weekly. Part of the current “dish of the day,” however still unnamed, is set to launch this June, available to all 14 million Groupon subscribers in the UK.

Meant to serve as an alternative to Google and Amazon, customers will be able to buy books at an affordable price on the platform by allowing the publishers to revisit backlisted titles, Publishers Weekly reported.

“The benefit and value to the trade is in revisiting the backlist and packaging it appropriately,” IP broker and publishing consultant Rick Mayston of Agent Fox Media Limited said. “The books can be six weeks or six months old. We have the potential to use technology and logistics to service Groupon globally, to bring publishers into an environment where they can promote print and digital product. This will give everybody a chance to enjoy a brand new sustainable revenue stream. At a time of austerity, this is great for publishers and great for book buyers.”