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How to Make a $1,500 USD Sandwich in Only Six Months

Find out exactly how much blood, sweat and salty tears goes into the making of a simple sandwich.

We live in a world engineered for convenience, where a myriad number of agricultural industries and economies dovetail in perfect harmony to produce the most plentiful food supply for the lowest price. But what if, instead of buying the ingredients from a supermarket to make something as simple as a sandwich, we had to create and grow from scratch every component — growing wheat for bread, milking a cow for cheese, and even harvesting ocean water for salt? Andy George of the How to Make Everything webseries does just that, delving into a painstaking six-month-long process costing $1,500 USD just to create an assemblage of bread and meat, which ends up tasting pretty mediocre as well. Watch the trailer above, and find the entire episode online here.

Author: Gavin Yeung