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Gold analysis and trading levels expected...

Gold: we mentioned in the analysis of last week's "gold bullish flag .. Umm .. bearish channel? And we tied the solution with 1285 levels, which gave a clear answer as bearish channel" which would bring us to continue selling operations last week, to end gold trading last week with the news American jobs unexpected Mnkhvta to levels approaching $ 1,233 and the precious metal from the support levels of $ 1,220.

I have a purchasing opportunities await those levels of promises purchasing time my brother $ 1,255 levels

Atjahtna next week is:

Find opportunities selling price with the beginning of the week Action targets $ 1220 levels.

Find opportunities PPC Press Action have access prices to levels of $ 1220 targets of up to $ 1,255.

Find opportunities selling price Action in case the price back to $ 1255 levels.