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Coca-Cola Set To Report Tuesday

By Parke Shall

Coca-Cola (KO) is set to report on Tuesday before the market open.

Over the last 12 months, KO is up about 12%, slightly underperforming the S&P over the same time.

KO data by YCharts

The company has a history of meeting or beating Wall Street's expectations the last couple of years. Analyst estimates are $0.42 in EPS on $10.76 billion in revenue. This represents expected year-over-year declines of -9% in EPS and -3% in revenue.

KO has partnered strategically with Green Mountain (GMCR) and Monster (MNST) beverage. The first of the two partnerships we don't like as much, but the Monster partnership we believe to be a great step for the future. We like the energy drink prospects moving forward much more than we like Green Mountain's, who is struggling to meet Wall Streets expectations and is going to undoubtedly face cold drink competition in SodaStream (SODA).… Read More …