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Sirius XM: Get Ready For The $4 Crowd

Sirius XM (SIRI) released quarterly earnings last week which, as expected, sent the stock to new 52-week highs. The weekly close of $3.72 was the highest weekly close in nearly 15 months.

For some investors, $3.72 marks a sigh of relief. Those who have held through these past 15 months or, hopefully, taken the opportunity to add are now sitting green in their accounts along with nearly anyone who has purchased shares in that time frame and the majority of those who purchased before.

For some, $3.72 may still leave a sour taste in their mouths. Looking back, the regret of "I could have sold at $4.18 at the exact top" may linger in some minds for those who held or even bought near those levels. In contrast, for those who sold out near the lows of the past year, watching the stock hit new highs might create a… Read More …