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Immuno-Oncology Is The Future Of Cancer Treatment: My Money Is On Juno Therapeutics

Biotechnology investors are well aware of the emerging cancer cellular immunotherapy treatments in which the body's own immune system is used to target and kill cancer cells. To date, these therapies have shown astonishing results in small scale clinical studies focused on leukemia where complete remissions have been observed in 80-90% of patients. With billions of revenue at stake, the competition is fierce, with numerous small companies along with big pharma racing towards bringing these therapies to market. As expected, investors are excited by the early clinical results and the potential for a pan-cancer treatment, resulting in billion dollar market caps for several start-ups in the space. There are a lot of options available for investors to choose from and picking the right one will likely make you a ton of money in the future. With an unparalleled management team, strong collaborations, impressive clinical results, several unique products in development, fortitude of patents and a healthy balance sheet, my money is on Juno Therapeutics…