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Update: Sysco - A Risky Play For Dividend Growth Investors

Sysco Corporation (NYSE:SYY) announced results for the second quarter of fiscal 2015. It posted strong revenue growth of over 7.6% in the second quarter of this year to $12.1B. However, gross margin decreased 23 basis points to 17.25% and its operating income decreased 10.3% to $315 million over the past-year quarter. Moreover, diluted earnings per share stood at $0.27, a decline of 25% over the past year. Sysco's first-half results demonstrate similar trends. Its revenue increased by 6.9% when earnings per share declined by 13.1% to $0.73. On the cash side, the company is experiencing headwinds due to the fall in earnings. In the first half of fiscal 2015, its operating cash flows declined by $6 million to $452 million and free cash flow declined to $157…