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The 60-Second Summary Of Europe's Latest Crisis

Since the creation of the European Union, and its mutant cousin, the common currency Eurozone, it seems that Europe has been in a state of constant crisis... which, as a very prophetic AIG presentation foresaw has been precisely the point from day one.  But while Greece is no longer a source of stress, now that the insolvent Mediterranean country gave up and conceded its sovereignty to its European overlords, Europe now finds itself in what many say is a far more serious crisis - one in which the cultural sovereignty of Europe itself is at risk from an unprecedented wave of mideast migrants which are entering the continent by the thousands every single day.

For those who have not been keeping up, and also for those who have, here courtesy of

, is a "60 second summary" snapshot of how this latest crisis is affecting at least 23 countries across the old continent, and how while the European Union is gradually becoming a "Disunion", one thing as usual reigns: chaos.