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Alibaba: Short-Term Problems May Continue, But This Is Why It's Still A Long-Term Winner

Alibaba was the gem of Wall Street leading up to its IPO. The glory days stayed around for several months, but just like so many other hyped up IPOs, it has fallen on its face.

This didn't surprise me one bit after watching so many other companies do the exact same thing. Anyone remember Groupon's (NASDAQ:GRPN) hyped up IPO? How about Zynga (NASDAQ:ZNGA), Twitter (NYSE:TWTR) or even Facebook (NASDAQ:FB)?

After Twitter's IPO, I wrote an article (Twitter Surges 72% On IPO: History Shows A Drop Is Coming, With Downside Risk Of At Least 15%) and explained to investors why they shouldn't buy the IPO hype, and to wait for the drop that was coming. Sure enough, the drop came as shares fell from a high of just over $46.94, to $38.80 in just under four weeks. Read more