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TM Capital's Valuation Of Boss Holdings, Inc. Indicates Undervaluation

At $11.76 Boss Holdings, Inc. (OTCPK:BSHI) is grossly undervalued and has significant upside with low downside risk. Shares should be trading at $16.3 with a floor of $10.75. All valuation is based upon the stock price of $11.76.

  • Market cap: $23.9mm
  • EV: $20.4mm
  • Shares outstanding: 2,029,172
  • Tangible SE: $38.7mm
  • Cash: $5.2mm
  • Debt: $.5mm
  • Min lease payments due (2015-2017): $1.2mm
  • 2013 EBIT: $2.94mm
  • P/B: .58x
  • P/TBV: .62x
  • EV/EBIT (FY 2013): 6.94x
  • P/E (FY 2013): 13.28x

Company Description

Boss Holdings, Inc.'s primary operating subsidiary is Boss Manufacturing Company, a Delaware corporation ("BMC"), originally established in 1893.

The Company operates primarily in the work gloves and protective wear business segment. In addition, the Company conducts operations in the pet supplies business segment and promotional and specialty products segments. The Company acquired certain assets of a balloon supplier for its promotional products segment in November 2009.

Work Gloves and Protective Wear

Through BMC, the… Read More …