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AXP may be excellent mid-term idea?

Last time AXP stocks were caught in the middle of a rising trend. Any moves involving short and long positions had the risk/reward ratio totaling 1/1. This means investors did not have any right to make mistakes, which is inconvenient, as we are not magicians and are supposed to find out the optimal risk/reward ratio. So investors had nothing to do but to wait for further developments. Fortunately, the reading reached the lower bound of a March 2009 rising trend (around USD 80). If the gauge fails to push below this mark, it may attempt to reach the 161.8% Fibonacci retracement level, USD 100, or the upper bound of the March 2009 trend (USD 105). I believe this is an excellent mid-term opportunity. Stop loss suggestions are on the chart. You may allow for slightly more risk, but are advised against presuming risk will be lower than in my forecast.