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What to Do When SunEdison Resumes Trading
23 april 2016

When SunEdison resumes trading, its ticker will indicate it is a bankrupt company. Traders who do not understand its value (zero) will still hope for more than the $0.01- $0.05 / sh. The only reason the stock is not $0 is that there's still demand...for short sellers closing out and buying the stock back, for a 99% gain.

SUNE will become SUNEQ.

Remember: When $SUNE becomes $SUNEQ, Q stands "Quit trading this sh*t"

TerraForm (TERP) (speculative buy) and Terraform Global (GLBL) may move higher. The risks for them dropped dramatically. All debt subject to bankruptcy proceedings are on SUNE's book.

Action: Consider TERP, GLBL. Consider FSLR, TSL, SCTY first. The market's money left from SUNE stock may flow to these companies.

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What to Do When SunEdison Resumes Trading

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