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EURUSD Support Zone Now. Trade in Play.

EURUSD is now in the process of validating for a day trade long.  The 1.3230 - 60 area is the relevant support range to look for bullish reversals based on our methodology.  Presently there is price action confirmation at the 1.3250 level.  If price goes below 1.3235, then this trade idea is no longer in play.  I am look at 1.3285 area for my primary target and 1.3315 - 20 area for max target.  Manage carefully, things change quickly.  Also remember that this is a low volume market, so it may take the entire day to follow through.  Other additions to this bullish argument are: broader trend is still bullish based on larger price structures, and the 1.3180 support has not been compromised yet.  Bigger picture carries more weight.  Questions?

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