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LEFTISTS ONLY: You're Cordially Invited to This Post — Tea and Crumpets Will Be Served

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Courtesy of the Philadelphia Tea Society, I give thee a generous serving of tea and crumpets. Enjoy them with my compliments.

Tea and Crumpets

Now that you're comfortably situated, I'd like you to take a peek through this aperture, into the hideous minds of the leftist elite.

Oh, it's plain to see that she's mentally ill. You only need to view her Twitter timeline for a few seconds to realize that. But the former member of the British parliament and homewrecker, is a fucking hero on the left these days. After being outed in the Wikileaks for working for the Hillary campaign, all the while pretending to be a conservative at Heat St., she's gone ape.

But it's not just her. If my entire life, I've never seen so many democrats beholden, genuflecting even, to the deep state and American intelligence services. The left has been ardently anti-CIA for decades. Yet, now because it's politically advantageous for them -- they love them.

How sweet.

Tucker Carlson superbly documents the hysteria on the left -- showing grown adults fat shame Trump -- calling into question his physical condition -- ringing alarm bells for having discussions with Putin because an eavesdropper wasn't present to take notes and leak them to the media.

There are enemies amongst us, a great many of them. Look around, maybe in the mirror, and you will find them.