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Activision Boasts $1 Billion In First Day Sales

As many of you (who are gamers) would know, Activision just released Call of Duty: Ghosts yesterday and most people are curious to see how well it sold, especially within the first day of release.  It was reported that they sold over $1 billion the first day, a number that impressively surpassed GTA 5's first day sale of $800 million.  However, further research would reveal that this number comparison is exactly correct.  The reason would be that GTA 5's $800 million was the number that was sold to customers to play the game.  COD's $1 billion was the number "shipped" to retailers to hopefully be sold later.  While the exact number of GTA 5's sell-through was not public, the report showed 29 million copies were sold to retailers, which would surely amount to more then COD's $1 billion.

I'm obviously making a comparison here, so I'll go on to say that COD's $1 billion applies to many more consoles than GTA 5's release including unreleased ones like PS4 and XBOX One.  So that's not to say that Call of Duty: Ghosts suck, especially since much less time was spent on the game compared to Grand Theft Auto 5.  GTA players have been waiting for 5 years, while COD is released yearly.  It is expected that GTA will sell much better.  Right now ATVI is up 0.5% and is sitting at $16.62 a share.