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Starbucks Making Moves

Starbucks Corporation (NASDAQ: SBUX) has been a stock on the rise for the past year, it has recently reached its all time high of $74.27 last month and is currently trading at $70.81, just 1.49% down from yesterdays close. Starbucks is known for it's high quality coffee products, extraordinary customer service and locations. Starbucks is expanding is presence world wide now making a move to open its first cafe in Colombia by next year. The first store will open in the capital city of Bogotá, and by 2018 will have more store through out the country. Starbucks has been purchasing Colombian coffee for over 42 years now, its about time they give the Colombian's a taste of their own coffee. Starbucks isn't only stopping at that, the company is also releasing their own brand of snack bars and fruit pouches throughout the U.S., the products will be hitting your local Starbucks by some time next week. They company is also offering its bottled juice product in Whole Foods Markets Inc (NASDAQ: WFM) supermarkets nationwide. In my opinion Starbucks will pass $100 a share by the second quarter of 2014.