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Trian Fund Acquires 7.08 Percent Stake in Sysco Corporation (SYY)

Trian Fund Management, the activist hedge fund headed by Nelson Peltz acquired 42,061,438 shares or 7.08% stake in Sysco based on its 13D filing with the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

Trian Fund investment details

Based on the filing, Trian Fund and its affiliates paid an aggregate price of $841,988,029 for the 22,803,484 shares of Sysco on August 13, around 4:00 in the afternoon.

The activist hedge fund and its affiliates also paid an aggregate strike price of $712,719,181 for the additional 19,255,954 shares of Sysco that were purchased through a series of privately negotiated back-to-back call and put transactions on the same date.

Trian Fund’s total investment in the shares of Sysco is more than $1.55 billion.

Trian Fund believed Sysco is an attractive investment opportunity

Trian Fund acquired a stake in Sysco based on its belief that the...