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Grand Theft Auto V And It's $800 Million First Day Sales

When it comes to new video games, there's not many that will beat the first-day sales of Grand Theft Auto V.  The fifth installment to a very popular game amassed $800 million yesterday, quite impressive!  Take-Two Interactive Software did a great job with the game as well as the marketing leading up to the release, succeeding in marking a first-day sales record for all the previous GTA's.  

Afterwards, the company's shares closed up 1.2%, at $17.20 per share.  Ever since 3 months ago, they raised the fiscal 2014 forecast, resulting in an ever-growing fan-base and more buzz generated.  The stock has jumped up 12% since then.  From the total revenue, it is estimated that around 13.5 million copies of the game were sold.  It is even crazier that the last GTA sold 13 million units in an entire year, and this one beat it in just one day.
GTA 5's first-day sales has propelled the game forward, surpassing Call of Duty's release last year, which made $500 million on its first day.  It is forecast that by the beginning of next year, 23 copies of the game would have been sold.  Take-Two has yet to say anything about releasing the game on future consoles such as Playstation 4 or Xbox One, but of course, it is expected!