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HII Technologies: Contagion Selling Have Priced In A Half-Off Sale On HIIT Shares

HII Technologies (HIIT), the oilfield service company focused on frac water management, oilfield power and safety services, remains one of the most intriguing long positions I have on my big board inclusive of the recent pounding shares have taken.

HIIT's bull case is fairly simple and has been detailed in prior articles, but it's important to reiterate this thesis in light of the shares being halved since mid-October:

  • HIIT has been using a "Pac-Man" acquire and refine model that has allowed it to drive revenues at rates that shouldn't be possible for a basic service company - its most recent acquisition of Hamilton Investment Group was accretive and furthered the vertical operations of the company.
  • Substantially all of the business at HIIT has been acquired. This has not been expressed by management as the growth strategy, but it is, in my opinion, the growth strategy going forward. I believe that