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Jos A Bank is killing The Men's Warehouse

In the last six month Jos A Bank (NYSE:JOSB) the men's clothing retailer has seen its shares rise 8% while the Men's Warehouse (NYSE:MW) is only seen 1.6% growth during the same time period. Both companies sell cheap suits to cash strapped consumers trying to keep up with today's trends. So why is one performing better than the other.

Jos A Bank has great promotions that drive customers in. For example their 'Buy 1 get 7 Free' campaign drives in way more foot traffic. Jos A Bank still makes money with sales like this because they customer must pay the full price of the suit to receive any of the free accessories that come along with it and after that they depend on impulsive buys from the consumer who already thinks he is ahead of the game because of the seven free products he got for the price of the suit. On the other hand The Men's Warehouse recently fired their founder and replaced his iconic voice that was and in my opinion should always be part of their ad's with a series of noncompeting ads such as the one below.