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S&P Will Downgrade Greece Within The Next Ten Days
28 january 2015

"About that much:" New Greek leader Tsipras illustrates how much of the miles of national debt he plans to repay.

(PHOTO: yahoo news)

With the recent election in Greece bringing to power anything but an austere group of conservative economists determined to keep their country on a highly disciplined track of loan repayment, there is a developing murmur coming out of the forested corners of watching Wall Street strongly suggesting that the country en toto is going to be whacked with a credit rating downgrade, a la Russia's sovereign debt's long-anticipated credit downgrade via S&P to junk bond status.

With public statements like,

 “We will bring an end to the vicious circle of austerity,” Mr. Tsipras may be winning over his voters, but he certainly is not making sweet bedfellows in the financial world carefully observing his countries payback of bailout loans.

Preston Clive


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S&P Will Downgrade Greece Within The Next Ten Days

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