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Pakistan Could Become World’s No. 3 Nuclear Power

The nuclear arsenal of Pakistan will likely become the world’s third largest within a decade, according to a new report from the Carnegie Endowment for International Peace and the Stimson Center.

Pakistan Nuclear Arsenal

The report indicated that Pakistan is expanding its nuclear capabilities, and it is probably developing 20 nuclear warheads every year. The two American think tanks estimated that Pakistan will probably have at least 350 nuclear weapons within the next five to ten years.

Mansoor Ahmed, a strategic studies, and nuclear expert at Quaid-i-Azam University in Islamabad previously commented that Pakistan’s nuclear ambition is focused only on India. Both countries fought three major wars since 1947. Analysts estimated that Pakistan has approximately 120 nuclear warheads while India has 100.

Ahmed commented that the new report was overblown. He emphasized that "the world must understand is that nuclear weapons are part of Pakistan’s belief system. It’s a culture that has been built up over the years because [nuclear weapons] have provided a credible deterrence against external aggression.”

Pakistan is outcompeting in fissile material for nuclear weapons

According to Toby Dalton and Michael Krepon, authors of the report entitled “A Normal Nuclear Pakistan” noted that the country succeeded in building diverse nuclear capabilities. They believe that Pakistan will retain these capabilities in the future as a “necessary deterrent against perceived existential threats from India.”

The authors noted...