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Shareholder Activism: Coming to Europe

Don't forget - sign up for our free daily newsletter to stay in the activist investing know. Activist Investing has historically been very American. But we seem to have a growing base of activists in other non-traditional areas.

The success of campaigns and rise in assets under management of activist funds has led to a declining number of potential targets within the U.S.

With that, there's been a necessary increase in activity in Europe. There were 22 activist campaigns in 1Q 2015, compared to 39 in all of 2014.

Now, it's not that Europe doesn't have its own activists. European Funds like Cevian Capital, The Children's Investment Fund and Knight Vinke Asset Management are managing multiple billion dollar funds.

The big key for Europe is that a lot of activism is done behind closed doors and out of the public eye. There's a lack of media attention on such gentlemanly activism...