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Calissio Resources Group Inc.: Multiple Red Flags Around This Promoted Company

Note: This article is about a nano-cap stock (also referred to as a "penny stock"). While all investments are risky, nano-cap stocks are among the most risky. Among nano-cap stocks, the most risky stocks are those which are subject to promotional campaigns (such as CRGP). They are also among the most illiquid stocks, usually having a large spread between the bid and offer at any given moment. Quite often, it occurs that the illiquidity of these stocks does not allow a trader to rapidly close or open a position. CRGP is no exception to that. CRGP is a nano-cap stock which is traded on the OTC Markets and priced well below the $1 mark. Readers of this article should be highly aware of the aforementioned facts prior to undertaking any action based on the contents of this article.


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