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Grexit Would Be A Black Swan For The Eurozone

On Wednesday, Bloomberg published a rather ominous report about Greece's cash situation:

Unless the 15 billion-euro limit on short-term borrowing set by Greece's troika of official creditors is raised, the government may run out of cash on Feb. 25...Greek banks lost at least 15 billion euros in deposits in the two months before the election, about 9 percent of the total. Beyond that, the ECB is reaching its limit for funding Greek banks. Greek banks have maxed out the 3.5 billion-euro limit on the total amount of treasury bills the ECB will accept as collateral from them...To stay liquid, Greece needs the troika to lift its 15 billion-euro cap on the amount of short-term debt it can issue, and it needs the ECB to lift the 3.5 billion-euro limit on the volume of bills it will accept from Greece as collateral. The funding limits give the power to the ECB