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Apple's Cheaper Stock Buyback

It is becoming cheaper for Apple (NASDAQ:AAPL) to buy back its shares. Since Apple reported 3Q15 earnings, AAPL shares have been down by as much as 30%. Looking ahead, AAPL volatility will continue as the market continues to worry about slowing revenue growth in China. With $50 billion of share repurchase authorization remaining, Apple is in prime position to take advantage of stock market volatility and buy back its stock at a 15% discount to all-time highs resulting in up to $4 billion of "savings" over the next six months.

Stock valuation is a complicated subject. While finance textbooks explain how to take a series of numbers and assumptions and arrive at a stock's intrinsic value, the truth is market participants determine a stock's true worth. A stock price is merely the point at which a buyer and seller agree to exchange shares. Emotion and psychology play just as important of a role in determining a stock price as sales, earnings, and growth potential.