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Ford (F) in a strong breakout; assessing the upside

I noted that Ford (F) was heading into a bullish breakout, but advised a cautious bullish outlook: Don't get that excited about pending breakout in Ford.

Well, this bullish breakout occurred, and so far, there is a strong sign of bullish continuation in the short-term.

Ford 4H Chart 7/19

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Breakout and a bullish engulfer: 
The 4H chart shows that price broke above a falling resistance last week.
Price stalled below 13.70. 
During the 7/18 session, we saw a 4H candle dip to 13.43 then spring up to the near-term resistance at 13.70.
This 4H candle was basically a bullish engulfing candle. This candle signals further upside in the near-term.
14.20 is in sight. 

Resistance ahead:
I think the 14.20 is a good target. 
We should probably limit the bullish outlook to 14.60. 
In the weekly chart below, we can see that 14.60 is right in between the 100- and 200- week simple moving averages.
A falling channel resistance should also challenge the bulls if price approach the 14.60 area.
Given that price has been bearish since late 2014, and that the RSI has been held under 60 since then, we should respect the resistance around 14.60 and anticipate selling when the RSI approaches 60 again.

Ford Weekly Chart 7/19

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