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Greenlight Re: Double-Digit Returns Over The Next 5 Years Seem Likely


Greenlight Reinsurance is down 25% year to date because of a tough underwriting environment and Einhorn having a bad year.

Given their career track record, the underwriting team is likely not given enough credit by the market.

This is only Einhorn's second losing year and because of it you are potentially paying substantially less for his investment services next year.

Instead of assigning his investment skills, less burdened by fees, a higher ratio Greenlight Re now trades at 0.8 book value.

The market selling off Greenlight Re is a case of classic rearview mirror investing.

Greenlight Reinsurance (NASDAQ:GLRE) is headquartered in the Cayman Islands and Ireland. The company provides custom reinsurance solutions to the financial service industry. It is looking to generate.....

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