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Potbelly Reported Stellar Earnings

Potbelly just reported at $3.2 million 3rd quarter profit which equates to 15 cents a share, which is a 27% increase from the previous year.  This is very promising, because analysts predicted the profit to be just about 9 cents a share.  Investors are obviously jumping in joy, since the company just went public not too long ago. During this time, their CEO commented that now they have significant extra cash that can be used to fund new store openings.  At this moment, there is 288 stores open, and they are looking to add about 42 more.

When it comes to measuring success for these businesses, same-store sales is often looked at first.  At this time, Potbelly's sales has increased 11.7% to $78 million, and same store sales went up 2.5%.  At today's opening the shares went up about 18% and is trading at $30.89 right now.  Sweet!