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AMD: ARMed And Dangerous?

It is well known that AMD (AMD) has embraced the ARM (ARMH) architecture aggressively and seemingly with enthusiasm. AMD has already released the ARM-based Seattle with the intention to release a more comprehensive ARM A57-based product this year as part of Project Skybridge. Next year, AMD will release the K12, a "big" processor based on the ARM architecture, targeting mainly servers. But, is the growing importance of ARM really a good thing for AMD?

We should establish right away, that ARMv8 is without a doubt a more efficient instruction set than the awkward and obsolete x86 instruction set. However, although this gives ARM an advantage in size, power use and performance, all three parameters are quite low, as in low single digits in terms of percentage. While this gives AMD an advantage compared to x86 designs, the instruction set is far less important than the implementation, and less important than… Read More …