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Sony Officially Unveils the Slimmed-Down PlayStation 4

As expected, Sony kicked off its big PlayStation Meeting in New York City today be officially taking the wraps off of the previously leaked, so-called PlayStation 4 Slim. Billed by the Japanese tech giant as “slimmer and lighter than the original, but just as pretty,” the design cuts down on the overall package of the console significantly while offering up all of the tech specs of the original PS4 — albeit in more energy-efficient form. Interestingly, the new PS4 doesn’t really offer any tech upgrades over the original the way the Xbox One Sdoes over the original Xbox. Instead, the slimmed-down PlayStation 4 will be the “standard” PS4 going forward as the original console is phased out at retailers. If you’re looking for a more powerful PlayStation, you’ll have to wait for the so-called Neo instead.

Stay tuned for a look at how the Neo stacks up to the leaner PS4 and look for the redesigned console to launch September 14 at a decreased MSRP of $299 USD.