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Ron Insana: "I Only Manage A Virtual Portfolio Which I Took To Cash Last Thursday"

Once upon a time, Ron Insana tried running a fund of funds. He failed.

Then he tried working at SAC. That didn't work out either.

Then, he decided to write scathing opeds in the Huffpo bashing "doomsayers." Four years later, the Fed is terrified to hike rates by 25 bps from zero while in the meantime all other central banks have joined the Fed in a global, liquidity-injecting tsunami, confirming the doomsayers were right all along.

So what is Ron, who once also used to work at CNBC, up to these days? The answer, in his own words, is "managing a virtual portfolio"... one which he "took to cash last Thursday." So is Ron then auditioning for a gig at Hedgeye, one wonders?


And here is an artist's impression of the compensation demanded by Insana in exchange for his "virtual" services.