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CVY Brings Equities And Bonds To Create A Balanced Portfolio

Investors should be seeking to improve their risk adjusted returns. I'm a big fan of using ETFs to achieve the risk adjusted returns relative to the portfolios that a normal investor can generate for themselves after trading costs. I'm working on building a new portfolio and I'm going to be analyzing several of the ETFs that I am considering for my personal portfolio. A substantial portion of my analysis will use modern portfolio theory, so my goal is to find ways to minimize costs while achieving diversification to reduce my risk level. In this article I'm reviewing the Guggenheim Multi-Asset Income ETF (CVY).

What does CVY do?

CVY attempts to track the investment results of an index Zack's Multi-Asset Income Index. The ETF falls under the category of "Large Value."

Does CVY provide diversification benefits to a portfolio?

Each investor may hold a different portfolio, but I use the SPDRRead More …