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On October

On October

In re: Under Armour Shareholder Litigation

, Case No. 24-C-15-003240, pending before the Circuit Court for Baltimore City (the Court). The parties plan to file a stipulation of settlement describing the terms of the proposed settlement with the Court in the coming weeks. Following preliminary approval of the proposed settlement by the Court and a notice and review period for stockholders, the parties will seek final approval of the proposed settlement from the Court.

The key terms of the settlement are as follows:

Adjustment Payment

: Following the initial distribution of the Companys Class C Common Stock, par value $0.0003 1/3 per share (the Class C Stock), the Company will issue additional consideration to the holders of Class C Stock in the form of a dividend with a val ue of $59 million (the Adjustment Payment). As of September 30, 2015, the Companys total market capitalization was approximately $20.9 billion. This Adjustment Payment is intended to serve as consideration to the Companys Class C stockholders with respect to any potential...