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Mattel May Be Trying To Bring In Price Support

There have been 3 good news pieces in as many days for Mattel this week. In case you missed them, they were:

  1. The Hello Barbie getting a positive reception for a change,
  2. A rundown of the new features of the Google View-Master, and
  3. Today, the announcement that more women are designing the latest products.

It could be a complete coincidence due to the fact that we are heading into their busiest season, but it also makes you wonder if there might be something more to the recent announcements.

Maybe Mattel execs already know that the 3rd quarter is going to be fantastic and are trying to flush out the short sellers, attracting new buyers. Say you were one of those buyers, and the 3Q results were really good, wouldn't you be enticed to hold through the rest of the year, and possibly longer? I think that's exactly what Mattel is after, hoping to both raise the price of their stock and also stabilize that price moving forward.

The stock closed up 20 cents today at $22.02.