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SwissCom AG's (SCMWY) CEO Urs Schaeppi on Annual Results - Conference Call Transcript


Annual Results Press Conference Call

February 5, 2015, 8:00 AM ET


Bart Morselt - IR

Urs Schaeppi - CEO

Martin Voegeli - Member of the Executive Board for Group Strategy and Board Services

Marc Werner - Member of the Executive Board (Residential Customers)

Mario Rossi - CFO


Frederic Boulan - BofA Merrill Lynch

Vikram Karnany - UBS

Jakob Bluestone - Credit Suisse

Nicolas Cote-Colisson - HSBC

Georgios Ierodiaconou - Citi

Usman Ghazi - Berenberg

Luis Prota - Morgan Stanley

Michael Bishop - RBC


Bart Morselt

[Dictation starts abruptly] Capital S, SwissCom 02. With that I would like to open up the floor and handover to Martin to start his presentation.

Martin Voegeli

Thank you very much Bart for your introduction and also a warm welcome also from my side to you. As an industry leader in Switzerland, we see the importance of understanding… Read More …