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Why Gold Was The Best Buy in 2008-9 Crash and Will Be This Time Too

Today’s Gold Prices: USD 1128.50, EUR 728.91 and GBP 990.38 per ounce
Yesterday’s Gold Prices:  USD 1134.40, EUR 724.63 and GBP 990.05 per ounce.

Gold in US Dollars - 5 Years
Yesterday, gold fell $15.40 to $1124.10 in New York – down 1.3%.  Silver fell another 3% or 46 cents to $14.18 per ounce.

Why gold was the best buy in 2008-9 and will be this time too…

What was the best asset class to buy for the recovery that followed the 2008-9 crash in global financial markets? Step forward gold whose rise was only exceeded by silver.

Precious metals not only delivered the fastest recovery from that huge sell-off but offered increases way above the pre-crash levels. Gold tripled from its low in the crash, while silver went on to record an eight-fold increase, still just shy of its 1980 all-time high.



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