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Apple Bulls More Excited About The Extras Than iPhone 6S

Apple Inc. (NASDAQ:AAPL) bulls found plenty to like about Wednesday's big keynote speech, although like any major piece of news, there are going to be bears as well. In this case, Apple bulls overall seemed to be more interested in the extra little goodies the company tucked in around the iPhone 6S announcement.

iPhone upgrade program to boost unit sales

One of those items that piqued many analysts' interest was the new iPhone upgrade program and the country/ carrier launches. The program allows consumers to lease iPhones on plans starting at $32 per month, which allow them to choose their carriers.

New carrier leasing plans start at $19 per month for the iPhone 5S and range up to $31 per month for the iPhone 6S Plus, but they lock buyers into the carrier they buy from. Wells Fargo & Co (NYSE:WFC) Securities Senior Analyst Maynard Um and his team see multiple positives in that program

For example, the program could cut the upgrade cycle to one year instead of two, as currently many carriers only allow subscribers to upgrade their phones every other year. The program could also drive more buyers to purchase directly from Apple and might help the company "economically," depending on the timing of the upgrades and any residual...