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How To Make Money In The Dry Bulk Sector?

Dry bulk industry has largely been misunderstood by retail investors. Hence, a large chunk of investor body has lost money in it and a very few (large institutions) have exited with positive returns. Valuations for this sector have remained depressed in the last 5 years or so. However, those who understand this sector know that this sector, often, provides money making opportunity with a short-term rally. I believe another opportunity has emerged on the horizon. Let's see why:

Chinese New Year, Winters and Iron ore

Every year, Chinese steel mills close their operations in lieu of Chinese New Year. This is one of the seven events when the whole China goes off for vacations. For those who don't know, Chinese calendar is different from Gregorian calendar as it is subject to lunation. Hence, Chinese New Year doesn't occur on the first of January. In fact, it doesn't have a fixed… Read More …