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Pentagon Monitoring Russian Spy Ship, ‘Yantar’, In Caribbean Sea

Pentagon officials are on alert this morning after details of a Russian spy ship off the coast of Florida were made public. The spy ship, Yantar (Amber) is currently in international waters, but US officials believe the spy ship is collecting intelligence on US nuclear submarine and data from underwater cables. This is the latest inflammatory event between the US and Russia in recent years, and certainly gives more life to the argument that Russia continues to probe our defense systems. Russian bombers are consistently probing US airspace and probing US response times and the Ukrainian conflict, both of which certainly add to the tension between the two former Cold War rivals.

Russian spy ships continue to probe US, allies

According to an unnamed Pentagon official, “the Russian vessel was busy doing part of an underwater reconnaissance program to “identify undersea communications trunk lines and nodes,” finding underwater sensors, submarines’ training areas and transit lanes to European shores,” ( The Yantar was commissioned earlier this year and serves in Northern Fleet of the Russian Navy. While the Yantar is a new vessel to arrive just off US shores in the Caribbean, it certainly is not the first Russian spy ship to set up shop in the region. Back in January, the Russian spy ship, Viktor Leonov, just happen to make an unannounced stop at the port of Havana, during the same time when...