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Cellceutix: Why An Uplisting Is Not Possible Right Now

Cellceutix (CTIX) has been talking about an uplisting for a long time.

In March 2013, CEO Leo Ehrlich said in an interview with SA Contributor KarinCA that he had met with the NYSE earlier that month (March 2013).

Q: Now that CTIX trades actively and is close to, or meeting requirements to move to a higher exchange, are there any intentions to uplist to the Nasdaq or NYSE MKT?

A: We are very focused on what we are working to accomplish in the near term with the development of Kevetrin and Prurisol, but moving to a senior exchange is definitely part of our overall plan to maximize exposure and shareholder value. Making some preliminary plans, I had a meeting with the NYSE earlier this month to discuss the process and was pleasantly surprised that they knew who we were already. As I'm sure you can tell, we don't let