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Less "Original Sharing": Time For Facebook Investors to Panic?

Citing sources familiar to the matter, The Information reported that Facebook FB witnessed a 21% year over year decline as of mid- 2015 in “original sharing” on news feed, its primary cash cow, exposing a major weakness for the company. The social media service is already working on fixing the issue by appointing a dedicated team to find ways to arrest the steep decline.

However, in an email Facebook has counter claimed that “the overall level of sharing has remained not only strong, but similar to levels in prior years.”

Not many are willing to buy Facebook’s claims. As per Fortune, “Facebook’s decline in personal updates reflects a common growing pain for online communities. What starts out as special and intimate place to share things grows into a big, impersonal, and professional platform.”

Analysts observe that Facebook has been around for longer than any other currently active social service platform. Users are bound to have lots of connections and it is normal to feel uncomfortable sharing personal photos and thoughts knowing that it might not be for all the people out there. Reportedly, Facebook employees have labeled the trouble as “context collapse”. As Facebook keeps expanding, personal sharing has shifted to smaller communities like Snapchat.

So is it all downhill for Facebook from here?

We don’t think so. Facebook continues to be the number 1 preferred social platform. The company with its gargantuan user base of 1.6 million continues to find...