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Right or Wrong?

Today I read a blog about Forever 21 plan to cut employees hours to make them part time. It brings lots of discussions about right or wrong of this action. I think it is not only one company, it also brings to whole country:

During recession period, there are many people having opinions about how to get rid of ‘recession’. It mainly sums up to 2 opinions:

First opinion is coming from Jeffery D. Sachs, he wrote a book called Common Wealth: Economics for a Crowded Planet. In this book, he suggested international cooperation should support poor countries; rich people should pay higher tax for poverty, which will correct this dangerous course.In other hand, William Easterly is holding opposite opinions. He criticized the utter ineffectiveness of Western organizations to mitigate global poverty.

Which is the right way to lead economic blooming again?

Let’s take a look at history, why American can keep top economic position for long time? In my opinion, U.S. doesn't have novel, king, and sole religion. For economic developing, they focus more for Capitalism, which is the most beautiful word American created. If you can image, you can create, you will be rich. One of the good examples is for industry revolution. During population in 1820, there were 82% of people is in ‘extreme poverty’ condition, now the situation has been decrease 25% (500,000,000).

Now we take a look at Forever 21 issue: company cuts job to decreasing their expense, they can use their savings to find other designer, better material or have a brand new product line to fillful people’s life better. Although employee lost their benefit and having non full time job, they can use their part time to go back to school, learn other skills or walk out of the box to improve themselves. As for long term goal, if company having more product or action, more labor will be needed. It will create more employment and wealth for people.

In summary, freedom is the key words for country’s development. Freedom here defined as legal, and limit: Lower tax, less government involves, and protects person right. What do you think?